Taurus New Moon 8 May Time 03hours 22 mins 2024

Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Retrograde: Pluto



5/13/20244 min read

Taurus New Moon 8TH May Time 03hours 22 mins

Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
Retrograde: Pluto

This Moon is like two powerful families getting together for action and assertiveness. It feels like everyone has to be well supported, and this is actually what is occurring. We have 3 planets in Aries plus the north node, that is taking priority in 'we the people', indicating that we are putting our views across with objectivity, all must be fair, almost the Universe is blessing us with divine grace. Mercury makes a small connection to Jupiter ensuring our voices will be heard under the direction of Jupiter, he was powerful last Moon and again this Moon “revolution” I think is the word there's a big push forward. The New Moon, as well as Uranus and Jupiter are all in Taurus the planet of finance and possessions. This is where we reflect on our values and resources, what do we need to make us happy? Money gives us freedom and I feel there’s going to be a big change around concerning money. Pluto makes a lovely connection with Jupiter also feels like big transformation occurring both financially but also an upgrade in consciousness and our power to really be ourselves the way God intended so great psychological growth. After all if we have money that removes so many blockages so can then focus on ourselves for further growth.

The new Moon begins with a feel good factor, yes I feel the past and all the rubbish we had to contend with is now in the past, now its money in our pockets we are free to further and pick up on ourselves, create projects, creativity and more, to move forward without a care in the world. The day is full of changes surprises by 11:19 am we should actualise this and know the changes happening for the good of all, though it may create some ripples by the afternoon 16:30 min we will know so much more also a feeling of tranquillity (Neptune) at 21:55. The Moon enters Gemini at 23h 20mins.

By the 12th May we have the first sextile the Moon, connects to Venus, trines Saturn and sextiles Uranus. Everything is running smoothly these are positive changes if we should care to implement these energies, as so much can we can accomplished today, as well as a strong platform to build our new lives all looks good and promising.

15th May is the first square and we are being asked to check all, are we happy with the way things are going? As able to make changes here, as we can see clearly. Communications are strong with lots of contacts so much going on, don’t push yourself too hard as by the end of the day we will be tired, perhaps we need to pace ourselves and all will be well.

18th May Libra Moon links with the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto, 3 powerful planets. We can achieve anything here, we have the energy and determination to see to things through, especially if it’s the completion of something, or needs our attention these can be sorted out effortlessly, we just got to watch our energies as so much energy here going full steam ahead.

23rd May Full Sagittarius Moon at 13h 53m opposes Venus, Jupiter trines Neptune sextiles Pluto.

Today is the culmination of the new Moon, this Sagittarius Moon wants to let our hair down and blow caution to the wind within relationships, if these are good then fine but if there is restriction in any way or form, then the tendency is to resist and may cause conflicts. This Moon must feel free, if this isn’t the case then it’s possibly challenging as money is not a problem and gives each of us freedom to move forward easily. But this time can also be full of love where one need to connect strongly with partners and loved ones, and we generally want to indulge in pleasant things such as dining, entertaining and anything that brings joy so lots of energy today.

26 May Jupiter enters Gemini. Jupiter is happy here in an air sign, and ready to assist in communications and broaden our minds, very much in this climate of change.

28th May Aquarius Moon trines Sun Venus and conjuncts Pluto, lots of energy here, the energy is one of inspiration, growth, reaching out, energies are so emotionally strong that it’s very easy to be impulsive to say the least, so we need to be careful of our actions and emotions.

By the 30th May Pisces Moon square the Sun square Venus square Jupiter, an emotional day, though it is more in line with going within to the many layers of our emotions, as well as preparing us for the coming new Moon, here we have the chance to review how we feel with clarity about loads of things, have we left the past behind, have we really released our emotional baggage, so much inward feelings it’s good to get in touch with ourselves to know ourselves as the true me begins to show, we have so much power and it’s good to realise this.

1st June Aries Moon, Sun sextiles Venus, Pluto, Moon conjunct Neptune. A day of harmony, strong convictions as well as idealistic feelings. It’s almost we know what we want and one way or another this has become part of life now, energies have risen and new spiritual growth goes hand in hand with our everyday lives, we feel good, happy and content.

4th June the Crescent Taurus Moon sextile Saturn conjunct Uranus there’s quite a strong platform here, we feel comfortable today, yet here is an element of surprise here too, so go with the day, and try to be flexible.

5th June Gemini Moon conjunct Mercury Jupiter sextiles Neptune and trines Pluto There seems to be much going on in way of communications, as well heighten awareness that enhances our transformation, it’s good to meditate and take in these energies, an amazing Moon looks like the Universe is giving us the tools to converse with our higher selves/the world of spirit, our vibrations are taking on a different tune now as we raise our vibrations, it time now for us all to be at one for the greater good, looks like it’s happening.