Gemini Moon Reading 2024


6/6/20242 min read

GEMINI Moon Chart. 6th June Time 12h 38 mins

Direct planets Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Pluto Athena Chiron

Retrograde, Saturn goes retrograde 28th June.

This is the third planetary alignment, and a marking point in humanities consciousness. We have five planets in Gemini Uranus in Taurus and conjunct Jupiter, Mars Chiron and the north node close Neptune in Pisces with Saturn and lastly Pluto in Aquarius.

This is a coming together of these magnificent energy that has a strong tilt for happiness and financial freedom.

The new Moon conjuncts Venus so feels like a time of self expression as as well as financially rewarding, money brings confidence and freedom, the down trodden. the restricted the frustrated the abused, and so much more all will be released as money allows one to make relevant changes in life. So the Moon is a whopper and time to celebrate with new found confidence. We will all know our worth, we lived it, experienced it and now we are able to help and reach out to others that need financial support.

This is the time for disclosure and its this that prompts everything into action as once we know, so much can then take place, we the people will be conscious not just for a few, but every single soul, however its up to us to keep our vibrations high so that these high frequencies remain with us.

The north node is strong this Moon and links with Mars pushing us forward we need to look after ourselves as these are such auspicious times these energies don’t usually come in ones life time so we need to be a aware of this and take care of the I. There are many people as well as the media that influence us but here we really should focus on our identification to find our true self, so many feel they know better than us but we all walk our paths and make sure that all is well for us as this raising of consciousness is what we have been waiting for, the time has arrived now we will know everything, and enter the new Earth.