Fire Signs

The element of Fire



3/24/20241 min read


Fire signs: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

Fire is the element of the spirit and acts spontaneously, fiery people tend to be courageous in the challenges that they meet and it is this that brings them mastery of life.

Their aims are high and have great faith in them selves, are extremely creative and this show's it self within their daily life.

Creativity being part of all that is part of them they know they are special and need to be recognised and be centre stage for the things that they do. They work independently and have a strong point of view, they will argue relentlessly to put their point across., they hate criticism and take it personally. The one thing fire signs don't like to do is hurt another but often do simply by not being aware of other's.

Fire signs need to watch their energy when pioneering forward. They need to be far more aware and respectful of the energy which resides within them. Too much fire in a person's natal chart can burn out an individual, leaving you feeling completely worn out.

Fire signs get on with air signs as the intellectual import of air fans the fire and makes it roar. Fire signs don't like water signs much as they feel this dampens their spirit as does earth.

Fire signs are at their beast when they have mastered their will power and so can direct their energy upwards aspiring to the heavens, and to find oneness with the spirit and wholeness within them selves. The symbol for the sun amplifies this, the complete circle with a dot, a seed a potential. They need to go through whole procedures to understand the experience.