Conciousness - Pluto entering Aquarius



10/25/20222 min read

Pluto entering Aquarius

" we are able to absorb these wonderful energies a gift from Mother Earth and Father Sun."

We are entering a new realm of consciousness, the old is now being left behind to embrace a new beginning; a new earth. For this we need to raise our consciousness, we don’t have to do this on our own, there is help in every direction, from you tube to friends associates and the heavenly realm, we-the people will unite as one, one ginormous heart.

Although we need to do our part, which is leaving the past behind, this is our luggage that we as individuals have supported, a huge amount of this is the programming that we have excepted as others know best? Now is the time for release to move forward, we will all see and feel this amazing energy, so vibrant now, weather you are aware or not we are all being upgraded into the 4/5th dimension so we are able to absorb these wonderful energies a gift from Mother Earth and Father Sun. This is it the great solar flash, and is imminent about to be released whether this is this month, or next in the realm of time it’s very near.

We have just moved from Kali the dark energy and now entering new Earth promised many years ago. It takes 2525,920 years for our solar system to orbit the great central Sun, different from the Sun. This is the way I see it but it’s possible it could take longer.

However there are so many changes happening now, if we look at the world as we see it: wars, hunger, pain and nowhere to live. Yet so much is happening for the good people coming together to bring peace, homes and caring in so many ways. If you look at Syria they have just built homes on a refugee camp housing the people, don’t forget whatever happens for them effects the whole of mankind.

From another perspective Pluto entry into Aquarius the house of humanity, has already created new perspective new attitudes, releasing the old programming moving forward. Medical centers seem challenging to make appointments the whole new network of how we live life is changing back into the hands of we-the-people. It will make us strong, no need for despair.

And what will we do without the experts, so much is going on under our very nose, natural health centers opening and people taking their health into their own hands.

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