Val's Monthly Moon Reading for 2018

A Spiritual Moon Guide on how to make the most of every lunar cycle. Guidance to make the most of your own personal Moon. Dates to meditate on, days to be cautions, times to tread carefully and days to strive forward. A wise and holistic guide to live in rhythm with the Moon.

Cancer Moon 13th July 2018   Time 02h 48m

Eclipse of the Sun

This Moon begins with a powerful opposition to Pluto, square Uranus. Pluto being the God of the underworld, while Uranus is trying our patience.  It is likely there is going to be a disturbance of some kind to do with we-the-people.

This Moon is so charged with energy, it feels like a tsunami of energy. A complete turnaround of events this further connects to sensitivity and clearing, to feel and know so much more.  Like a big transformation our feelings are saying run for shelter, but remember we have created such a strong foundation that I’m sure we can all deal with this we are ready. This energy will be felt for at least the next 3 months.

The crescent Leo Moon trines Uranus,  this energy feels so much easier now, and today gives us the chance to make significant changes without too much effort.  So this disturbance can find its rightful place.

The 17th July again energy is good, everything seems to flow. It’s strong and determined with the right energy to get all in order.  It’s almost a reshaping of life “tailor-made” for ourselves.

19th July. The first square this is a knowing we can now see how all has come since the new Moon as we have far more information.  A Libra Moon that will use everything from both sides of the scales to see and understand clearly, with all going on we may feel a bit wobbly, as we can see so much now.

The 22nd July. A Sagittarius Moon links well with Sun more direction using our power to proceed in what is important to you. With the energies here you will need to make an effort, try not to leave it for another time.

27th July. This is a ginormous change with this full Moon in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus and Saturn with Sun in Leo links to Mars.

This is a time when anything can happen it’s absolutely unpredictable the Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius oppose the compassionate Leo wanting changes, while Mars is further stimulating these energies, while Uranus leaves no stone unturned, IT’S A COMPLETE CHANGE OVER TIME.

This energy will give you the ability to say how you feel – I feel this is the big change around that began at the new Moon in Leo a complete renewal nothing will be a quite the same again.

2nd August and an Aries Moon life is now not so complicated an Aries Moon yet as direct as we wish it to be if you feel the need to make something happen the energies are good.

4th August and Taurus Moon again able to see clearly. Almost a review so not all is easily digested yet the change is there and it’s that change that is freedom.

The 7th  August and Gemini Moon lots of connections and chats. Life’s active social and wonderful.

The 9th August and Crescent Cancer Moon links with Neptune and Pluto.  Pluto strips Neptune in the underworld, so we are getting a double whammy of Pluto, so any gunge we may have growing now’s the time to release ready for the new Moon.

Let us hope there is more understanding here, the dark of the Moon still a lot of emotional energy a bit too strong while Venus the planet of love expresses her energies to soothe

Gemini Moon 2018

This new Moon begins with feelings of inner awareness, there is a couple of weak connections to this Moon otherwise it feels quite solitary, almost introspective while one might expect the social and the duality of Gemini to show though.

This Moon feels positive for sure, it’s direct, desire to master all we have been working towards, we have reached a platform of no return. We should all feel this happening to one degree or another.

Gemini usually spend a great deal of time in mind conversing, checking over things.   This feels like the social and inner-self, soul searching and creating a wonderful unity.

It’s almost as if there is a knowing.

This is a strong Moon and I feel the peak of the year and will show more energy.

15th June when the Cancer Moon is still in a dark sky connecting well to Jupiter, Neptune and opposes Pluto. Mercury opposes Saturn too. So there is some sort of communication going on and waiting for authority to give the all clear.

This commands a great deal of patience although a positive direction, everything feels like it needs to be right, the way we each want it.   If you feel low or feel you want to move on now, don’t waste your energy today – mull it over all this will be clear by the 18 June.

However by the First Square 20th June is our first challenge of the Moon. A Virgo Moon it’s likely to bring more confidence now that we feel surer of just what we want.

This aspect the first square it’s like having a chance to view constructively just how far we have come, what we have achieved, WHAT GOING ON RIGHT NOW and how best to view any challenges, if you’re walking your talk then things should work out.

Life is a bit different now as we have all the pieces and can see clearly.

By the 22nd  June everything is harmonious and nicely balanced, a Libra Moon.  However by 10.00 pm  it’s a different story!  Lots of changes you were not expecting, just check out where they are coming from and make a  note to see what else needs changing, clearing or releasing.

The 28th June and Capricorn full Moon, Cancer Sun, Saturn conjunct the Moon, Jupiter/Moon. This is more than strong, strong roots here, such a strong Saturn influence.  It feel like some sort of reform or readjustment due to loads of information becoming transparent.  It’s a result.

Feelings may run deep and so accelerate whatever is going on in our lives,   it can be a little lonely, the best you can do is do something constructive that needs patience and then mill over whatever is on your mind.

There’s lots of positive changes coming up due today, and past effort will show our inner strength, so it’s a challenging full Moon very much in our face. We have to see to everything, unable to shelve anything, although from here on life will get easier the hard work been done – WOW.

By the 3rd July a Pisces Moon what everything you undertake should run smoothly. If there is a need to talk to professionals (may well be a friend) to get some guidance then today can work miracles. So use it well.

It’s the second square, if you have been following your walk then you have a chance to see things as they are and your accomplishments.  If for some reason you feel uncomfortable with what’s going on right now then check the things that have helped and focus on the rest it’s not finished yet.

8th July again an Aries Moon likely very happy with direction and happily working with someone of a professional nature, these feel positive and should work out so long as the threads have been followed and  should bring idealism and faith back into your circulation. Feelings are good  whatever takes place this Moon it’s a major move forward and after this life will become easier, especially if your happy with the outcome.

The 10th July still a lot of activity especially with communications and directions. So it’s full month the dark of the moon again in Gemini links well to Venus and the planet of change Uranus. All is harmonious, very apt for this Moon all will be well. Use the dark of the moon well it will help. So amazing, difficult yet enterprising Moon where everything should find its right place.

Taurus Moon 15th May 2018

A revolutionary Moon with an intensity to move forward and leave no stone unturned.

Uranus conjuncts Mercury the master of surprises and so a dialog or originality is being opened. A varied and exciting Moon is forecast.


This Moon begins in Taurus, while Uranus the planet of change and originality enters Taurus on the 16th so this is a milestone.   Mars also squares both the new Moon and Uranus/Mercury, so a strong drive to get ahead while patience is needed to see this through.



15th May The new Moon begins with a wow and lots of opportunities. Jupiter is very much connected and with this new energies we need to put ourselves out there. Act in almost a different mode to get this going.

Patience is needed, it we can count to 10 give ourselves a chance to see this through, it’s not so easy in the early part of this Moon, so try to go with the flow and wonders can happen.


16th May. Uranus moves into Taurus creating a wave of changes around the globe.

It’s a 7 year influence and will affects us all, almost a challenge to revalue so much in our lives.   Taurus is very much about the things we love, ruled by Venus, as well as money, and resources so we should all know what it means to each of us.


By the 19th a Cancer Moon links well to Jupiter and Neptune. So here is where we are likely to connect with one another for a common purpose in realistic and yet idealistic ways.   Feels like the 7 year itch where changes are necessary to keep everything exciting.

This April 16th 2018  Time 01 57 BST


This Moon feels like a huge emotional tsunami.   Unexpected changes and rebuilding differently is what this Moon is about. Whether it is opportunities, luck, breakdowns in some areas in life, to further refine our energies and to re-examine our path.

I would say don’t count on anything! Go with the flow as much as we can.

The planet Uranus is potent, and conjuncts the new Moon both in Aries so it feels like a very powerful breeze, an energy that is going to assist us in changing a few things.  Uranus is an unusual planet like one huge almighty aerial raising our vibrations. Just when we feel life has settled something comes up to cause a stir.  So look to where this is happening in your life as it may give an indication of what we each need to release or reform to serve us

16th April new Moon everything is in flux. Change, surprises and maybe opportunities are being shuffled to come to the real authentic self, to use our full potential, and not waste our precious time.  So this is our time of “this is it”. Big sweeping changes are forecast for this Moon. We are ready, the only help one needs now is to think outside the box.

We also have the influence of Saturn/Mercury that may call for negotiations. It all looks pretty good, as we move to the crescent Moon we will begin to have a clearer picture of what is going on and why, so take it steady and with patience.

20th April The energies today are more gentle and hope is in the air, so therefore go with whatever you feel is right for you, the energy is here to help and support, a fast moving day.

The 22nd April everything completely changes and we need to look at life from a higher point of view. A Cancer Moon squaring the Sun, connects with Venus so we are taking a good strong look with clarity.  A slow day with connections with those we love, friends or associate. Here also a big connection with Jupiter so we may need to take a higher view to decide how we need to use this energy.   A day to take care, these changes may reveal the core of what we each want and what will support us at this time.

25th April As we move into easier times, able to see to anything especially when it comes to detail and precision whatever is undertaken today will run smoothly.

The 30th April Full Moon in Scorpio and is most fortunate as it conjuncts Jupiter trine Neptune and links to Pluto.  An opportunity to ground this wonderful energy as well as bring out our more innate wisdom in support the raising of our vibrations.

We have been guided Moon by Moon. Something seems to have been taken away at the new Moon to be refilled with these energies coming in now.

So this full Moon is about transformation, bringing the new to expand our energies like never before. The push and drive is there, so is a loving energy for it to manifest as the Sun in Taurus ruled by Venus is gentle and strong.

As we move to the 5th May energies are so strong and flows easily although we are searching to ensure all is well, as so many changes, with question of how and why? There’s a Pluto connection with Saturn nearby so change is definitely coming to the fore as is the truth of what is and is not in your highest interest with feelings of idealism. Don’t forget everything is a sort of turn around, it takes some getting used to.

By the 8th May energies are slower and serous although the feeling of change that we are up against. Also higher communications with officials of legality if that’s where you are heading so a time of constructive reform. With the right people to talk too so it feels good although serious.

By the 10th May everything has settled a time to relax and find some quiet a Pisces Moon connects with the Sun a time of conscious expansion with idealist thoughts.

13th May an Aries crescent Moon connects with Mercury and Venus lots to talk about. Different attitudes about changes, ideals since so much info has come about a day full of surprises so don’t expect the day to just flow.

!4th May Dark of the Moon, is very much a new chapter, new structure in life almost a place to ground everything and reflect, feeling of being totally satisfied.

This Moon begins with a roll and everything moving fast, lots of ideas, plans, are now able to manifest. “This is our time, our journey has waited a long time for this

A magical word here is to focus so that we get what we want right from the beginning of this Moon.  With all that water Saturn is laying a really strong foundation so nothing gets wasted.

The new Moon links to Pluto the great transformer so lots of energy with this Piscean sensitive new Moon.  On the one hand, a big change over in energy, while we need to go with the flow so that nothing is left to its own resources, we just need to be careful that’s all this is the beginning of huge changes taking place in our lives.  Saturn is creating the base while Pluto is transforming.

Venus and Mercury are strong in Aries to further assist the new Moon. Mars/Saturn are quite close, it’s not a bother at first and yet as the Moon grows so this forms a closer conjunction so we need to ensure all is well and leave nothing to chance. As the Moon progresses towards the full Moon we will be ready.  Saturn can be too structured and so much taking place this Moon we shall leave nothing to chance.

This Piscean new Moon is bold with a strong connection to Jupiter the great benefactor.  There are two focal points to this cycle. One is the new Moon itself connected to both Jupiter and Mars a very powerful trek on our journey not leaving one stone unturned, while the protection of Jupiter is there like a guardian angel.

Also, There’s a great deal of straight talking bringing clarity to our minds and feelings in unusual ways, delicate new options, a new threshold, a kind of awakening new thought, new ideas,  able to communicate almost on a different level to bring harmony. Looking at life differently, a new mentality being born into our reality.

The new Moon begins fast, a strong Mars and Jupiter connection one is the driving force directing ones emotion to the finish, to a port while Jupiter is showing you the wisdom that awaits this journey- amazing. Still lots of news coming out of the closet but I don’t feel it will offend anyone rather we all know so much more now, just getting to grips with so many untruths and move on .

By the 19th March the energy is beginning to show itself. A strong Uranus connection is going to surprise many of us with something unexpected may tip the balance for a while but easily bought back to base.

22nd March energy is fast, so many connections, so much to say, seeing everything from an expanded point of view.  So take your time and let the energy filter through.

24th March energy will need to be focused. A powerful Mars here so we don’t want to get in into situations that are difficult. It feels challenging and annoying!  If we can stay grounded we can have a good result, on what could have been difficult.

26th March An easy day the Moon feels adventurous and is linked to work and what will best benefit.  It is worth looking at the options here as the energy is flowing in a way that you can actually get what we want especially on a creative level.

31st March  A Libra Full Moon Sun-Mercury in Aries A strong Venus Mars connection to a very powerful Saturn while Pluto links to Jupiter.

So to get our results we need to be focused as this is it a big pull between the Sun and Moon, Mercury is news coming in fast to set the stage,  as always powerful tones of Venus and Mars while Saturn has created the grounds to secure our path,  we have what it takes, the hard work has been done, all is in order.  This is the result of so many years of preparation, it’s not just for now, so it’s potent.

It’s the new structure being born, plus information coming through that leads us to the light, and illuminates our path, it’s not all that easy yet if we can remain focused and patient we can have it all in our lap. So easy to manifest at this time and from now on.  So know you can do it, watch it happen to turn over a new leaf with the energy being established now.

By the 5th of April energy is much more gentle, lots of news coming through. Some that we weren’t aware of, Mercury is retrograde meaning if there is anything at all that needs your attention in the way of communication you have this time to check over whatever it is important to you. This will last up to the 15th April so we may be coming to terms with something we have heard and not quite comes to terms with all will be well.

By the 8th April a time to not only reflect but able to see your journey so far, so therefore maybe challenging as everything is clear, we see from a much wider perspective. now almost idealistic view can create anything we wish for.

By the 11th April  Aquarius Moon links well with the Sun so much energy whatever we decide to do today will happen fast. Lots of new ideas and thinking outside the box. Lots of layers being unfolded, the crescent Pisces Moon links with Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto so strong and vast expressions of how we feel are multiplying, and we know so much more. While the continual transformation that again is creating change for our life.

Dark of the Moon this is absolute potent. The Moon links to Mercury so what occurs during this time, we may get messages, may feel clairvoyant, perception definitely heightened, that will give such a strong foundation to life.

Remember these are powerful energies sent to raise our vibrations so, therefore, keep yourself clean, if you are feeling low these energies are likely to multiply, so stay happy and let the happiness expand in infinite ways easily.

Aquarius solar eclipse, begins fast up until the 18th February when the Sun enters Pisces. The last Moon seemed to be one thing after another with news everywhere. Always trying to catch up and was a type of turning point.  From that point of view we need to absorb these energies. With so much taking place sometimes it is difficult to do as the reality of life and fantasy are so different.

This Moon is about revelations of the self and there is so much coming to the surface. We now have a greater capacity to see life differently, and it’s not all nice.

This Moon gives us the opportunity to see life the way it is rather than through a rose coloured lens.  The thing with this time is that we have the ability to see and know what is happening. We have for a long, long, time, and yet its only now through the raising of our consciousness and personal disclosures that we are becoming so aware, so we say no more!

Welcome to new Earth, the golden age as this is indeed what is happening. We have to get rid of the past entirely to move into the new.  For some of us it may be a necessity to consult a professional, or give advice or support to another.

15th February. The new Moon begins with speed, lots of action and many changes due to information coming through and is our own personal disclosure. We may feel we still need some sort of confirmation, so we may link to a professional for support or guidance, and we may also give advice and help another friend or family.

18th February   Crescent Moon, Sun enters Pisces early afternoon the energy is still pretty acute.

It’s not until the 20th February and the Aries Moon that we begin to get these energies together with emotions, perception and an inner knowing.  Connecting with friends and associates in a more empathic way, and all is good. Yet during the day there are surprises!  Do not expect the day to pass by causally as it won’t,  still some frustrations need to be released and with more information coming to the surface we will understand why.

By the 23rd February the Gemini Moon squares the Sun, Mercury and also Neptune. So lot of cutting through, easy to feel these energies from the duality of Gemini.  Everything is easy, yet still some areas are hidden or not completely cleared up – don’t worry all is well, a result should be evident by the 6th March.

25th February and Cancer Moon. A strong Saturn influence so energy flows well with serious note.  The changes are creating a different  platform, not difficult though needs strong roots to get the foundation right. Cancer Moon wants to do this, Neptune undermines, while Saturn wants to do what is right.

The 2nd March a Virgo full Moon opposes Mercury, Venus strong,Neptune influence.   We are talking about money, relationships, misunderstandings and different points of view while the Moon also connects with Mars and Jupiter we may find we need to chisel our way through some obstacles and yet the Virgo Moon is supporting us to see with clarity and integrity to do what is right and get a  positive result.

There is so much vastness to this full Moon we may need to take a step back and give ourselves time to take in what’s around us.  As Mercury and Venus are both in Pisces use a wide margin to see all that is happening.

There’s a significant amount of action to all this using our perception and inner knowledge rather than concrete evidence.  There’s a variety of different levels to this, yet with all these energies Pluto still manages to have her way and bring more information to the surface.

So it’s a high tide and huge turning point for us right now.  This is the result of the new Moon, the beginning of something great happening, for us all.  I feel for many of us we need to feel positive and embrace a new  beginning and a new world.

By the 6th March – Energy changes are big! We feel far more comfortable with many areas of life. Jupiter and Saturn are both harmoniously connected as well as Neptune so it’s an easy day where we can see everything without any problems.

By the 9th March. Energy changes as it’s the second square it is an opportunity to see life in a critical manner and so able to see clearly.   Just view life and what’s happening today that it be patient if you want a result it’s not today.

12th March  –  Some of today is easy going.  Communications are positive and all feels well.  However on a professional level we may feel there is  something that needs attention and feel frustrating.  This is due to the many layers of information coming though, it just disturbs our equilibrium.  This is the last stretch and once everything has been sorted at least we will be on the right page and from there be more balanced and in harmony with what we have now.

The 14th March and Crescent Moon in Aquarius – We need to watch our energies today as we may take on a bit too much.

15th March and Dark of the Moon, Pisces Moon connects well to Uranus and Mars.  One personal planet and one global so take in these energies they are here to assist us.  Mars is direction and yearning to get where you want and Uranus is change and freedom both these planets are working in harmony.

Capricorn Moon 2018

Capricorn Moon 17th January 2018

Time 2 hours 17 minutes

A very powerful transformative Moon.  There are two distinct parts to this Moon the first is planning with regards to detail involved. The other is reaching and contacting the right people friends associates whoever it maybe in regards to what’s going on in life now.  An absolute turning point, changes, life patterns, all for the good “it all can fall into place”. This feels to me like needing to be careful with what we want as it’s a gigantic responsibility as there is just so much to see too.

Everything thing is rolling, the planning and precision is slow and precise, while there is also lots of movement, lots of excitement and yet serious thoughts behind the scene making everything work.  It’s a good idea not to leave anything for tomorrow as it’s a fast moving Moon.

17th January. This new Moon has two aspects to it, one is a big transformation within and around us. Lots of relating and meeting people for a common ground and unity between us, this is big. The other is the seriousness that comes with this where  we need to keep focused  and commit ourselves to the finer details.

So yes, striving forward with excitement for the future yet Pluto the planet of transformation always leaves behind waste products, and there will be some. However with this Moon I think we will find Her at her most creative so expect wonderful aspirations, a creative flow while we need to apply and be responsive to what we each have created, watch as the Moon opens and how everything comes together.

By the 19th January the energy of the crescent Moon is beginning, to show her face it is happening with the least of effort although we still need to apply ourselves to keep it constant.  Big changes yes, we have the enthusiasm to push forward to make it happen and to do the work necessary, a positive day.

The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th January feel the tempo change we feel so much more flexible.

By the 22nd January there’s plenty of interaction. Interesting, almost we are thinking and feeling outside the box, so much going on with like-minded people, interesting, strong, and again it’s going to mean loads of input right the way through this Moon; but so worthwhile.

By the 24th January – today gives us the opportunity to see clearly almost a philosophical approach  however this is what we need as there are unexpected changes coupled with talking, or connecting with someone of importance that enables us all not only to see the bigger picture but gives us lots of options too.

The 27th January is an easy flow of energy, lots of cosy talks, confirming all is well. This may be in the line of work, or education, something may come to the surface that we were not aware of, so a revealing day as well lots of interaction and connections. All energy flows well.

31st January The Lunar eclipse. Sun in Aquarius & Leo Moon today will give us a result to our plans and ideas, it has been challenging and exciting right from the start, and we end up on a lunar eclipse – from the darkness into the light. It’s almost a new chapter, a new page, a new platform, bigger and stronger.  Take into consideration what you have put into this that is now coming to fruition I feel that this is part of it, with more to come with the next Moon as is always the case but I feel this is a major step forward big time.

On a more personal note I feel this full Moon is going to provide a way for us to move forward in an unprecedented way something we have hoped for.  If we have been applying ourselves it’s all happening for us if we have left the past behind we have great opportunities to make things good for ourselves and our families.  The chance is there to make transformational changes around us it’s a wow of a full Moon!

By the 5th February everything is moving easily. If anything needs attention then now’s the time to do it.  There are massive changes coming from this full Moon and links to the result of that, there are big unexpected changes taking place, don’t make plans just go with the flow.

By 7th February we find ourselves in a more serious note and looking at this Moon with a type of insight, so check over everything today there are great opportunities for expansion almost too good to believe. Don’t do anything extra special go with the flow and watch it happen amazing stuff.

10th February  Energies today are so easy we can go with the flow  lots of connections with others, assisting receiving whatever it takes   today will just flow it doesn’t matter how challenging it may seem just  watch it happen a really positive day.

the 14th February and Cresent Moon energy there’s a few gentle energies at work here, the most easy planet today is believe it or not is Uranus the planet of changes and disruption however today it harmoniously linked to our Moon creating the feel of change within us so watch out for synchronises, help and guidance, note what they are, keep them in mind, as we are fast moving to the Aquarius solar eclipse on the 17th February.

15th Dark of the Moon Mercury Saturn very strong and Neptune also but very gentle.  Note how you feel, intuition, your dreams what they portray for you and take it all in a powerful dark of the Moon in readiness for the coming solar eclipse is Aquarius any insights make a note.