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Rise of the phoenix

The Rise Of The  Phoenix

Since the fall of Atlantis the path of wo/men has been of pain and suffering.  During this time and under the yoke of darkness we have forgotten who we are and our heritage.

How is it that we fell? Darkness has many faces and disciples who wear masks of decency. The tools they use are fear, ignorance and complacency.   Over time the suppression of the Goddess has been lost to most.  Every element is beautiful: the strength and protection of Earth, the magic of water, the will of fire and the inspiration of air and spirit the magic that connects us all.

The birth of the phoenix is the rise of the divine feminine.  As we have moved closer to the Galactic heart so She has begun to rise.  As the Goddess rises so do we. Her power is taken back from those that have used and abused her divine energy.  From those that have fed on the suffering of children, who deliberately harm and taint the Goddess. The revelations of truth has already begun.  The beast is in its death throes and though it seems strong, it is diminishing. We who serve the light are stronger.

The great war is the fight for the soul.  It is the fight within each individual, to remember how beautiful, strong and powerful we are.  To see personal fears and walk straight through them. Each moment you are happy or actively work for light you aid and empower the divine feminine within yourself and the Great Goddess herself.

Restoring the balance within the self, to act in tune with your true self brings light. Each time you light a candle, pray, or meditate you give to yourself and to the light wave.  Believe in yourself and wish and dream really hard.  This is a time of great magic, of dreams coming true.  Visualise love flowing freely, see all children happy, clean and fed, see women free and happy.  In doing so you become a conduit of light. See the future you want to live, we are creators by nature. Let love flow.

Make a Difference Over a Cuppa ~ Act Locally, Think Globally!

Achievable Health

Your health and your life is in your hands. What you put into your body is what makes us, so it’s wise to be thoughtful of your diet.

A raw diet, can take us a long way on to a path to health. We should all drink about eight glasses of water per day to keep our bodies clean on the inside.

Drinking hot water is especially helpful as it removes fatty deposits in the digestive system.

Positive thinking is excellent as it stimulates the feel good factor. If you have any questions on health for June’s Newsletter then please email:

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Working with Colour – Each colour/ray of light has its own area of expertise and corresponds to a major chakra in the body. Purposely working with colour is a way of supporting and empowering yourself.  We are walking rainbows after all!

Colour/Ray Chakra Energies
Red Base Power, dynamic, vibrant, energiser, colour of the warrior
Orange Sacral Connects and blends energies of base and solar plexus. Helps to be confident on a social level
Yellow Solar Plexus Science, clear perspective, where you connect on a social level
Green Heart Balance, grounding, good to wear when there is emotional upheaval. Healing.
Blue Throat Kindness, care, calming, colour of the mother.
Indigo Third Eye Spiritual vision, dreams, the sight, see that which is normally hidden.
Violet Crown Spiritual colour good for meditation.
Silver – colour of the Moon, female in energy aids psychic development.  Gold – colour of the Sun, dynamic, strong & confident.
Turquoise – wear when stressed.  Peach gives feeling of emotional security.  Purple – colour of power, good for business meetings. Rose is has the power of red though much more gentle force. Black – protective, worn when change is occurring. White – purity.




Author of the Month: Tuesday Lobsang Rampa
‘It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’

A Tibetan Monk whose destiny was to bring the wisdom of the East to the West. He wrote 19 books in all.  His books speak of the Lamaserys, the changing times the Tibetans faced. Hiding their ancient scrolls as they knew darkness was coming.  Most importantly his books explained many spiritual concepts.  The sight, reincarnation, karma, meditation. For this very reason he received thousands of letters from people around the world.

The Third Eye – (1956) Is Tuesdays story of becoming a medical Lama and undergoing an operation to open his third eye, also gives an insight into the changing times.

Personal favourites are ‘Cave of the Ancients’ and the ‘The Hermit’ because it’s a reminder of how much we have forgotten.

All of his books are just as relevant today and can be found online as a pdf at:

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Live what life brings you brightly

 Crystal of the Month – Tourmaline
This is a great crystal and protective in nature.Black, also known as Shorl – protective and keeps negative energy away.Green – helps with emotional change, brings balance.

Rubellite – cleanses and balances sexual energies.

Watermelon – mixture of red and green harmonises and balances.


Astro News by Val Georgiou

This is a month of shifting energies. April was a major shakeup and May will continue along these lines.  Changes are now inevitable and we are being prepared.  This reading begins just after the full Moon in Scorpio 30th April, and is fortunate as it conjuncts Jupiter trine Neptune and links to Pluto.  An opportunity to ground this wonderful energy, in preparation for now.

This full Moon is about transformation bringing the new to expand our energies.  So we have moved away from this massive energy and entering into a big global financial change.

A big monetary shift is now inevitable, Uranus moving from Aries where he has spent the last 7 years, and into Taurus an earth sign, very much connected to possessions, moving money from the element of fire to earth, think of it a gigantic energy shift to assist us, to bring balance and harmony to us, so we shall all have more than we need monetary speaking like never before.

The initiative behind this is a powerful formation new Moon connecting to Saturn structure and Pluto transformation and Mars is really direct, while Uranus and Mercury are putting the final touches to this important Month.

This will initiate freedom away from the ties of money, big money changes, initially it’s going to cause a disturbance but the result will far out-way what is taking place now.  Don’t worry as these come about as it’s for our benefit, and the redistribution of wealth.

It’s going to affect us all in one way or another, new technology that’s been hidden from the public, different attitudes and feelings will be more grounded as well as energies that are rising and this is what it’s all about.  Uranus stands for freedom and originality, above all we will be free from this enormous worry that holds us down.  This is only the beginning during the next several years you may note changes occurring until we all feel secure and comfortable, before Uranus moves into Gemini. to work with the current lunar cycle.

June 2018: Astro Reading, Sacred Wells, Numerology and Your Life Path Number, Essential Oils.

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