• Sun – Star of Destiny

    our destiny and sense of purpose, and direction in life. This is the pure essence of life, and the Sun radiates his energies in all areas of the universe, the planets, and the little universe within our selves. He shines his light every where joining all the forces within our selves and the universe.

  • Aries Sun 20th March Time 21 58

    Aries 20th March 19 Time 21h 58 mins This is the end times as prophesied in the Bible, and although it’s good as there have been so many upheavals in our lives, to some extent it’s the result and continuation of the Saturn/Moon conjunctions. The equinox on the 21st March is an equal time of day and
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  • Mars opposes the Goddess Athena

    This Moon has been powerful beyond words, energies are rising daily creating an awareness that is just so powerful.  If you look to world affairs everything is being revealed, almost nowhere to hide. So it is with us also that any problems we may have are difficult to sweep to the side. Therefore we need
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