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Jupiter Reading


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The wisdom of Jupiter

Jupiter is known as the great benefactor.  Jupiter’s symbol is a cross of matter symbolising the Earth while the Crescent Moon means emotions and feelings. There is a great joining of the soul and the grounding of the earth.

Jupiter is good for one’s endeavours, be it work, business, internal growth, justice, and the social glue that brings activities together.  Jupiter indicates where you feel excitement and inspiration to follow your dreams and make them happen.  Brings opportunities to you.

Jupiter being so grand can also overdo things both in enthusiasm and just over-extending ourselves. It’s important to use the qualities of Jupiter well, and respect the energies this planet gives you.

This is an interpretation of your personal Jupiter and focuses on what the essence of these qualities mean for you.  This reading will give the dates and interpretation of essential strong energies that Jupiter represents for this coming year.

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Personalised Jupiter reading focusing on your Jupiter placement in your natal chart.  Uniquely written for you which explains how you can make the most of your Jupiter energies.  Also you will receive key dates for the following twelve months of Jupiter’s movements and what it means to you.


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