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dreams, their importance and meaningWelcome

I hope you enjoy reading through and find the dictionary of symbols helpful.

Astrologically dreams are ruled by Neptune, if you would like to know more about the astrological connections  or have your dream interpreted tell me on our FB and will reply on there, Maria x

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Having kept a dream diary for ten years. I have found that dreams give me answers and direction when asked for. I hope that you find this interesting and help's you to explore and examine your dreams (if you don't already).

If anybody has any insights or questions then please email me.


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What is a dream?

Now we all dream although not everybody actually remembers their dreams, this can be for a number of reasons, stress being one of them. We in fact have about 5-8 dreams of a night.

There are many different types of dreams this is a very brief summary:

when stress and worries, which are sometimes un-addressed will appear in dreams. Like when you have an important meeting coming up and you dream that you have trouble getting to the appointment.
Day Dreams
A time when we let our minds drift and our own desires formulate in our minds. Or just to ponder, wish or escape from every day life.
As dreams can feel very real a nightmare's can be full of terror and fears that can be very real and sometimes repetitive. For some this kind of dream brings a real terror which can seem inescapable.
If you or somebody you know are having nightmares, then using Lavender oil sprinkled on the pillow or a couple of drops on the forehead (Lavender can be used undiluted) or a piece of Amethyst crystal by the bedside are just a couple of things that can be done to bring back sweet dreams.
To dream of things to come, warnings to heed, opportunities to catch.
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How to Dreams Work?

Most actions begin with a thought. An invisible interaction with our 'self'. We are connected to ourselves and it is this connection which is open when we dream. We are closer to our true selves, we are closer to spirit.

All things begin unseen (spirit) and then become visible (manifest). A seed grows in the soil before it appears shooting through to the sunlight. Now a dream can sometimes gives you a preview of things to come, we are then seeing events as they are about to unravel.

Our sixth sense sometimes kicks in during our sleeping hours, hence the 'warning dreams', if you dream your going to have a car accident, then take it easy for a week, be aware. Listen to the warnings from yourself

We use dreams to understand, to bring things forward into our conscious mind that need dealing with and to explore ourselves.

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What is a symbol?

an image which we identify a particular force or concept with.

There are archetypes which have specific meanings, a good example of this is the tarot cards, each card represents a particular force/energy.

Now each image (if you wish it too) will act as a message. A dream can contain alot of information for you, from you.

Dictionary of Symbols - small at the moment but ever-growing!!!

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Dream Journal

Find a book/journal that you really like to record your dreams in. Keep if by your bed with a pen. This can be a great support.

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Using your journal

Best to write your dreams down as soon as you wake up so you can record as much detail as possible. Eventually you will build up a database of your own personal symbols and be able to identify your dreams.

You could also record other things that you things that you think are relevant. If you saw a rainbow or a magpie - that kind of thing.

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Finding the meaning of a dream

Dreams are the message place of yourself, all images mean something, instead of reading letters, we're reading symbols. Some have very specific meanings and some are personal to the person or culture.

You need to divide your dreams into parts then understand each piece to understand the whole.

an example

I dream that I am in Canterbury and there are all these new age shops, I go in one and see these lovely stickers of gold fairies that I want to buy, I put them down and look for my money then I can't find the stickers. I'm picking up cards looking for the stickers, all of which are beautiful but I wanted the fairies and then this woman says to me 'funny how everything you need is right there and we don't use it'.

the meaning:

I think the most important part is the woman saying to me that I have everything I need. I need to use the skills I have to get some direction. We really do have everything we need inside, sometimes we just don't know it and it takes a difficult situation to pull that out of yourself.


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