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Create Date27th March 2019

Aries 20th March 19 Time 21h 58 mins

This is the end times as prophesied in the Bible, and although it’s good as there have been so many upheavals in our lives, to some extent it’s the result and continuation of the Saturn/Moon conjunctions. The equinox on the 21st March is an equal time of day and night, brings balance and harmony to the individual giving us more access to the light which enhances the end times. What it does for us is it raises our consciousness, so nothing is hidden as we become more conscious. It is challenging and it’s likely we will have some hiccups due to us being able to see all and knowing more, a paradox as it represents a new beginning of much to come in the coming months.

The Sun opposes a Virgo Moon which gives us an understanding of the intricate working taking place right now, new beginnings away with illusions and the beginning of mastery.  The Sun opposes Mercury.  While Jupiter has many contacts this month with Venus, Mercury, Athena and the Moon.

The Moon links with Mars and Saturn favourably supporting us with a sound foundation, so it’s all happening big time.   Jupiter can be thought of as a professional giving his expertise to a wide range of subjects, and most of us will gel with this giving us a much broader insight into our lives as well as globally.

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto this month is in the 10th house of career, so if there is something you need to get off the ground or show off your skills now’s the time to do it.  Also Uranus opposes Athena the Goddess of justice and arbitration, so how this works out for us personally depends on what's going on in life but be sure there are changes ahead.

Aries.   Those that are career minded may find an outlet with what they have been hoping for. It may take a reshuffle, as it’s possible to move forward now without all the baggage. Note how you feel about certain things as radical, thinking outside the box is important. However to support this is likely to have some in-depth conversations if this is of a financial nature it’s likely to be successful as Venus/Jupiter is supporting you, the result will be good as it leaves you free.

Taurus. Big changes for those born under Taurus with Uranus in your birth sign, this planet is going to bring a different way of thinking and of making money.  On another level a spiritual connection is taking place and has been for some time, so your connecting on a higher level and this results in acting differently. it’s not disruptive in any way as this takes years to achieve and yet with the newness coming into your life, and Mars in a favourable connection to Mars/Saturn it’s going to give you an edge and strong platform to work from. This will bring you a fresh way of viewing life almost radical, more room to manoeuvre and see more into life.

Gemini.  With Jupiter in your 7th house and Moon in your 4th house is likely to put you in touch with important people however you will need to watch how much energy you put into this as it may leave you feeling tired.  Also, positive connections that you can do act on to build a sound platform, something you have had on your mind for some time now, and likely to change the tide especially if it’s anything to do with finance or shared ventures. Should you feel you need support don’t hesitate all is there for the taking.

Cancer. With Saturn and Pluto both in your 7th house it feels hard to make progress, but be aware as the layers of restriction are being removed so it will be much easier from now on.  For those that are career minded, there’s a giant step forward here and will last right the way through the year.  The Moon your ruler connects well with most of the planets providing a structure that will enhance your efforts.  However, Athena opposes the Sun and feels like there may be words that are not pleasant however once all is revealed it's going to a different story, so no worries.

Leo.  The Sun your ruler opposes the Moon giving you rare insight into things that need to be discussed and may well be in connection to everyday friends and associates as well as spiritual. If you reach out there will be help and support, however, this is something that’s been around for some time now.  Also, Venus’s supports you in your 7th house while Jupiter is supporting you with untold wisdom in your 5th house of creativity, work seems challenging or has been, simply because one needs to remove the barriers we create to keep us safe. Go with your intuition you have all you need to move forward so if money has been challenging you to have all the tools to bail you out.  Take away the uncertainty and step into the real master that is you.

Virgo.  This month may turn out to be an emotional one, with the Moon in your birth sign, links with Mercury and Neptune in the 7th house makes you see not only what's going on but the intricacies of life so it may be challenging and yet will clear the way ahead.  The more positive aspects are in the areas of creativity children and also Mars, Saturn/Pluto helping to ground and bring definition into what you have in mind that is feasible, to bring any changes that make life more rewarding.

Libra.  Venus your ruling planet in your 5th house of creativity connects well with Mars giving you the opportunity to voice any concerns you may have. Although you need to watch your energy, taking time to rest or listening to music can be very therapeutic.   There’s an emphasis on home life revealing many answers you need, while work is somewhat uncertain at the moment with Neptune there. However, a type of transformation is happening on a domestic level and will release so much, as is being revealed to us all month by month this could well be a major turning point.

Scorpio.  A major month for Scorpio as your ruling planet Mars and Pluto are well favoured as far as Pluto can be. Mars links to both Saturn and Pluto well indicating that efforts are coming to light, something that’s been on your mind now has a strong foundation to do something well with. As you release barriers or structures that no longer serve you, you will feel so much happier as the luggage is being taken off your shoulders.  However, Jupiter also significant and links to Moon where you need to watch your energy and take some time out if you need to. A busy month with both Mars and Uranus both in your 7th house take it easy and try to go with the flow.

Sagittarius.  With Jupiter in your birth sign giving you lots of opportunities to expand, although money doesn’t seem to be that lucrative, this is all about to change.  Jupiter connects to both Athena and Mercury meaning they're going to be lots of interesting links some challenging while others will demand more of your time regarding something close to home that has been formed through a common interest.  So views on this will be different but if one needs a solution it will be found and restored easily and help from then on to move forward more easily free from the past.

Capricorn.  For most Capricorns, this has been a challenging time now for many months but with the unveiling of yourself, you will see the higher purpose.  If you have been trying to start something new, this month will do that, so long as you act on it.  However, Neptune is close to Mercury so it’s best not to keep secrets as with this energy everything is being revealed. However, if it’s not you then be prepared to hear something you weren’t aware of.  The Sun in your 4th house and a Virgo Moon is providing insight just here and are able to see clearly what if anything needs your time.

Aquarius.  With so much insight that is being revealed month by month is raising consciousness to such an extent that we now know, it is this insight that is motivating you, especially with Uranus now in Taurus you are ready to move and do things differently from the norm.  Venus in Aquarius connects to Athena and Uranus giving you a magnetic pull that you have any way yet it's positive and will draw what you need to you, although you will need your skills and mind to do this as there are different views here, so take your time and feel the energy.

Pisces. Mercury and Neptune are in your sign giving you great insight into what you have already, they both link to Saturn and Pluto revealing so much more and to so many possibilities this is more to do with those you work with or come together for a common purpose.  Jupiter in your 10th house promotes some sort of recognition and validity in career or work, while the Moon not only gives you an inner understanding but also clarity and expansion for your field of knowledge that will guide and support you so long as you keep true to yourself.




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