Crystals their Use and Power

Choosing, Cleaning and Charging Crystals

Crystals are Mother Earth’s gifts to us, they are a living geometric energy. Each particular type of crystal or mineral can be seen as a key, and we can use these keys to access specific energies, whether that be for healing, meditation, protection, understanding, as well as a thousand other uses. Crystals have been mined and used for thousand of years, and can be seen in ancient crowns, regalia and jewellery. Lapis Lazuli was ground up into paint and was used to decorate temples and icons. There are also ancient crystal skulls that have been found as well as tales of  ‘fire stones’ which are said to have been in each pyramid around the earth.


Crystals Have Their Own Energy

Crystals are the earths batteries/computers, each type of crystal has a function and purpose which can be harnessed for personal use.  Crystals have their own life force called ‘devas’.  In their un-worked raw state the deva is usually present.  However carving and polishing crystals can cause the deva to leave (working with a carved piece will call the deva back to the stone).  

How Do Crystals Affect Us

We all have a life/energy force, and we have energy points called chakras. There are seven major chakras, each has a specific function, when we’re tired, stressed, unwell or depressed our chakras can slow down or even stop working (which really isn’t that uncommon in todays fast paced life). Crystals can be used by healers to help realign energies and assist the healing process, and can be programmed for particular jobs.

When a crystal is clean and charged it resonates to a particular frequency.  Keeping a crystal close acts as a metranome that beats the rhythm of the crystal vibration and your energies harmonise with the energy.  Rose Quartz is a specific nurturing energy, A mother/love stone. If when you feel down you were to hold a cleansed Rose Quartz you will begin to harmonise with the frequency of the crystal, and absorb the feelings (frequency) of love and care into your aura. 

Tourmaline’s help at times of change, within the Tourmaline family there are different types: black, deflects negativity, green for emotional, watermelon (pink and green), and red, all help during times of change although in different ways. Topazes bring clarity, higher perspectives, blue for emotional, golden for creativity. Diamonds is an amplifier and purifier, Rubies strengthens the will and gives courage, Emeralds helps to turn negativity into positively.Choosing the Right Crystal For You:

The best way is to let your intuition guide you, if you feel really drawn to one piece that’s the one for you. 

Crystals in their natural form are the most powerful. When crystals are cut, shaped and polished they can lose their natural force. However if the piece you like has been shaped and polished working and wearing the stone will bring energy and life back to the stone and it will perform its natural function.

Cleaning Crystals

When you buy a crystal, one of the first things you need to do is clean it. An ideal way is to place the crystal under the cold tap and turn the water on so it flows over the stone/s and down the plug hole, this will take out the impurities and leave the stone clean and revitalised. Another way is to leave it on a sunny windowsill (best for jewellery pieces) and let the Sun’s light cleanse it.

A good way of checking the stone is to dowse it, hold the dowser/pendulum over the crystal, if the crystal is dirty then it could be a slow or a small swing. Cleanse the stone and check again, there should be a noticeable difference in the pendulums swing, it should be faster and a wider swing.

Sometimes crystals that are not cleansed will break.

According to Grace Cooke in ‘The Illumined Ones’ (page 49) these are the Mayan list of birthstones:

  • Sun   – Gold and Rubies
  • Moon – Silver
  • Jupiter – deep blue Sapphire
  • Venus – Turquoise
  • Saturn – Emerald
  • Mars – Amethyst
  • Mercury – Orange fire stone
Crystal Colours Uses
Amethyst Light violet to deep purple protection, increase intuition, helps to remember dreams.
Aquamarine Light blue a stone of joy and happiness. Protective stone of the traveler
Bloodstone Dark green with flecks of red in it takes away negativity and sadness
Carnelian Orange a female stone, heals and balances the reproductive system
Citrine Yellow healer and balancer of personal power
Diamond clear, white, yellow, pink, blue, green, black The essence of stars, diamonds connect us to light and the higher realms
Emerald light to dark green A stone of the heart this stone, helps to clear emotional blockages, heal and understand life changes
Garnet Light pink to deep red balancer of energies
Green This helps heals the eyes, also known as the vomit stone, this will draw out negativity and bitterness
Jasper Leapordskin protective stone, helping to make the best of self
Picture helps to give clear views of past and present opening self to creativity and spirituality
Kyanite Blue This is a wonderful stone to work with, especially in stressful times. Sometimes life’s helter-skelter can leave you feeling washed out and lost, with no time to rest and settle. Emotions seem to change to weights altering your view of life. This stone is like a knife, cutting painlessly through emotional pain, leading you to yourself. It is as if the stone takes you to the sacred parts of yourself, the space in you that is eternal, where there is quiet joy in being.

Meditate or keep this close to you when under pressure as this will calm and settle giving you space to be at one with yourself, lifts the pressure and connect you to the parts of yourself that you need.

This piece has turned into a personal favourite of mine, being slightly manic this stone keeps a quiet joy in my heart. Its like an emotional anchor giving security, love and a feeling of well being, very female in energies, hidden and mysterious. I highly recommend it to people that are on the go all the time.

Kunzite Green (Hiddenite) Quiet crystal that will heal pain from its originating point
Pink Gentle crystal that will heal negative images of self, bringing peace
Lapis Lazuli Dark blue with gold flecks Helps to change negativity into positively, it also brings karmic lessons into play.  Wear this with Rose Quartz as this will balance the harshness of the lapis.
Moon Stone White Increases intuition
Obsidian Black Grounds and centers
Onyx Black A connector with the cycle of life, protective.
Green helps you to more forward
Opal Blue opens communications
Peridot Light green helps to heal and balance
Quartz Clear come in all shapes and sizes this can be charged with any ‘programme’, if you cannot get hold of a particular crystal then you can charge a quartz to do that same job.
Smokey This balances sexual energy
Ruby Rose to deep red A stone of sexual passion and creation.
Sapphire Blue  connects the wearer to the oneness of all, bringing joy and peace.
Tigers Eye Blue known as Hawks Eye
Yellow – gold  clears negativity and deflects negativity


Yellow – gold Removes artistic blocks allowing creativity through
Blue  helps clarity of thought and communication
White helps to manifest material wants


Black (Shorl)  protective, deflects negativity from the wearer
Green  helps with emotional change, bringing balance
Rubellite  cleanses and helps deal with sexual energies
Watermelon  aids transitions.
Turquoise  Sky blue  Heals, connects self