lion-symbolismLeo Moon 23rd July 2017 Time 09 46h 46

This is a new beginning out of the old and into the new comes a new era, a rebirth, an end of so much, the death of the old king and the crowning of a new king as the myth goes of King Arthur and his magical sword.

This time is now new for each of us, we are now center stage we are now able to reconstruct our lives. With newness comes new energies to digest and become aware of so there will be a bit of a reshuffle emotionally we are now seeing feeling differently.  There are 2 very distinct challenges this Moon and we will need time to adjust, to these energies.

1 is the Cresent Moon and major conjunction with Mercury,

2 The full Moon and Luna eclipse.

We have now more or less centered, we have more clarity strength so be careful with what you wish for as these now have a way of coming to you very easily, either through your thoughts unexpected ways or even synchronistic be aware and note the difference in energy.

This Moon begins with a direction that has already been structured in our minds, with the last Moon we centered ourselves on bringing clarity and wisdom it’s always been there, though we haven’t always accessed it or we haven’t acknowledge these inherent energies now we do.

A very positive Moon, action direction structure, and of course creativity which is the gift of the Sun, with Mars to propel us forward, and yet at times we feel serious and need  time to  ourselves, now that we see and feel with more clarity to revalue different aspects of our selves, as well as opportunities to make unexpected contacts that enhance us assist us or we do this on different topic of conversation interesting and exciting the energy of Uranus brings untold benefits, major conjunction of Mercury/Moon.

On the 25thlinks with  Uranus well expect news to come flying in,   we have a little of everything this month expansion as well as serious thoughts as the tempo quickens.  The Full Moon is a turnaround almost an evolution.

23rd July  The new moon begins with so much energy wanting to move forward yet this energy is within so give yourself a chance, the time to act comes on 25th and Crescent Moon communications with being strong, this energy links to Saturn and Uranus are harmoniously it what is called a Grand Trine in fire, so information will be powerful could be global it could be some sort of announcement whatever it is it’s different from the norm its fresh unique and will have lasting influence. So the beginning of the month is potent it’s something that has been worked for diligently.

On a personal level communications with loved friends family a lot of turn arounds fresh conversation almost the tone of everything is changing with the new Moon so lots of new stuff coming to the surface everything kind of gels especially since we are at the beginning to the new Moon as the energy is clear precise and full of wonder full of promise the 28th  energy is now moving forward big time lots of strong connections especially male figures the magus types so keep your hat, see what happens energy simply l flows.

By the 30th we come to  a place where we can see easily all aspects of what we want or hope to achieve communication are good so make sure you reach out   should you need to, we are all helping each other today we are  checking  all our prospects as we now see and feel from an almost different platform    The 2nd August is  a wow energy is magnificent the Moon in Sagittarius linking to the Sun so the Moon wants  to reach our yet wants to stay close to home as she does however much can be done without too much  effort although energy and action will bring fulfilment  Jupiter  and Neptune are part of this  Neptune bringing dreams to fruition while Jupiter the professional checks out all the detail so a  positive day

The 7th August and Luna eclipse come’s hope a strong Aquarius Moon Sun in Leo/Moon trine Jupiter The King demands new measures compassion for the people everywhere.

So this is massive almost like an electrical impulse that is going to jar everything open, the thing is we-the-people have changed we are now so knowing. With information coming though especially with what was so evident so early in the month.

What does it mean? I feel the information we have received ties in well with today and we will act on this big changes for us individually breaking away any barriers that hinders us it may well be a global energy that affects us not sure what it is but Uranus opposes Mars so can be some sort of conflict that comes to the surface bringing untold benefits and freedom.  I feel this is a big change for us all and is in preparation for next month that is the turning point of the year.

As we move on the 12th August energies are harmonious and we have so much energy that we feel it’s going to last for ever, my advice is pace yourself as after today you may well feel drained,  if we are careful today and don’t push ourselves today can be so productive and do so much without knocking ourselves out.

By the 15th  life seems to be slowing down a little and able to catch our breath a fairly steady day able to see and feel so much, time to rest and relax if you can.

By The 17th and energy is strong and expansive communications are interesting, to say the least so much going on so much to say the 19th and Crescent Moon links to Venus and the energies are somewhat idealistic however there are still strong feeling and some are a little choppy perhaps time for quiet time to analyse just what has changed and how you feel at this time.

20th August Dark of the Moon Leo links to Mercury opposes Neptune  Our minds are very busy and Neptune may be confusing, however if we can keep ourselves grounded during this 3 days and keep our own counsel, let’s see what will reveal itself within, so much can come though spiritually that can support us.

cancermoon17Cancer Moon 24th June 2017 time 02 31

This Cancer Moon is the beginning of an inner knowing, we have shuffled things around, re-arranged, re-structured, altered in some way, made space, and now all is resonating and falling into place.  It’s almost as if our feelings have been explored, understood, and become more conscious, we now know what we want.

Mars is strong in Cancer like a torpedo, we feel fast and want everything done yesterday.  Mars opposes Pluto in Capricorn so there may be a difference of opinion of some sort regarding an overhaul making changes connected to home, family, and siblings, to make life more rewarding. However not all parties feel the same.  This is the tone for this Moon.

This new Moon has four strong connections, while this sign has to do with nurturing, family, values and ancestry.   It’s also resonating and digesting this energy so far this year.

Last Moon was fast connecting the dots moving forward to create a structure more in line with what we each want or need now.  We are now seeing and feeling these changes, a uniting.

The energies connected with this new Moon are Mercury communications, Mars direction, links to Jupiter expansion and Pluto the underworld ensuring that all is has been bought to the surface.  So the beginning of the Moon brings news maybe we have been waiting for? Yet it’s a bit rocky since Pluto and Mars are involved in Cancer the home and Capricorn structure, at the beginning of the Moon.  It won’t last long just a difference of opinion sometime during the day but likely to leave a stamp of some sort, which we will be revisited on the full.

24th June.   The new Moon begins with a difference of opinion, energy is really strong and we may well feel offended, in connection to something we have worked really hard for, trying to secure our status in some way.     We are breaking new ground just here making big changes in our personal life and environment, so it’s not that easy.

This Moon will help so much, don’t forget this is water, feelings and perception we need to use all these qualities.  Communications go well and this is the beginning of so much more.  I have included the Planet Athena here as she has so much to offer in these challenging times and She will at any cost use the art of language to diplomatically iron anything out to smooth our way.

Monday 26th June The Cresent so much more  can be seen at this the point The Virgo Moon will help us to view all details and analyse, and  see clearly all we are trying to achieve.

Wednesday 28th June We are certain and feel good.  Details of our endeavours are already  showing promising rewards we feel more confident.

Saturday 1st July is the first challenge of the Moon we are able to see and feel clearly.  Our perception is potent and powerful. An important day, a time for inward thinking  to analyse rather than  make  do. Big changes feel imminent   we may feel we need support where a friend could support or we may assist another to see everything clearly

Monday 3rd July we see everything is pretty much wonderful. Mostly events have been ironed out, and life seems to manifest in a big way. This is a powerful Scorpio Moon, strong anything you may feel or want to do I would say, go for it. Take a leap of faith.

Sunday 9th July and full Moon  likely disruption yet the  result of the new Moon energy and events that took place then, will show its self bringing the foundations, formation and now perhaps maybe some readjusting to make way for the new.  Again a challenge yet coming from a different  point and inner strength. This is the energy of Pluto bit by bit we are clearing cleansing, and moving forward, showing her presence here and there clearing the way constantly   until all is well for us.

Friday 14th July Pisces Moon brings a certain amount of equilibrium the energy of the  Moon here is  vast lots of fast  actions and stability  any changes one chooses now is easy to implement  so a brilliant day as we move to Sunday 16th we feel more assertive  and spend time with loved ones.

Wednesday 19th July a Gemini Moon links harmoniously with the Sun and Mars so again time to connect with those we feel comfortable with.

Friday 21st  the  Crescent  the Moon links harmoniously with Uranus  making changes as easy as a A B C whatever goes on today will be stimulating with direct results so an interesting day

Saturday 22nd Dark of the Moon Cancer Moon again a time to resonate, lots of energy coming to the surface, today while much has been cleared away, so a type of freedom feelings to are idealistic yet we are showing our feelings can’t keep them to ourselves that’s for sure, use this energy wisely its strong powerful everything is the way it is.




Gemini New Moon May 25thTime 19h 44m 


The recent Moon was challenging, this Moon is the accumulation of this year’s work so far, to now ground this energy in a way that it now compliments us.  The release of so much baggage, no longer influenced us either from our past, upbringings school and so much more, now ready to move forward each in our way now.    This is of course if we have been working towards this.


It’s one thing to work towards something, a target a particular path a realisation, a dream, and quite another to act and do something with it.  We need to walk our talk and be just who we are irrelevant to anyone else. A tall order to manifest ideals hopes and dreams and make it happen yet this is what this energy is all about.

This Gemini energy begins with deliberation making careful connections while expanding at the same time, to realise exactly what we each want in life.   As this Moon begins we have the influence of Saturn, in Sagittarius here ensuring that all energies have a definite grounding with strategy and inner strength. I always feel the Gemini energy is fast yet this energy is making the most of this duality to ensure success.

This chart also picks up on the under privileged, with Chiron the wounded healer connecting to Mars and Saturn long suffering is not going away, we will find this for everyone who isn’t respected or honoured as an individual and this Moon may just give us the push to really look at our life to ensure more respect for ourselves and others.  So there’s a bit of everything in this Moon.

The 25th May New moon begins in a sort of isolation, there are some minor connections but I feel careful thinking almost instinctive rather than anything else.

By the 27th May the Moon links to Mars, Saturn and Uranus.  Uranus/Saturn bringing untold benefits, we are yet to see how this is going to pan out as its just past the new Moon just merging  yet connecting to feelings to stability, officials, making changes that our stable practical and yet creates a wonderful feel for freedom.

The 1st June is the first challenge of the Moon, we see all for what it is, we have the right connections to collaborate our thoughts, actions and feelings are grounded feel at ease, yet something is hidden.  Today will give us the chance to cut through the crap.

By the 2nd June brings unexpected meetings, contacts, connection or expenditure so be aware that although you may be certain of where you are heading there is a change around on this day as pointed out yesterday

The 4th June brings clarity, ease of expression and connections with officials or legalities, and will be sufficient to make  changes we may receive a gentle yet strong change due to breath of vision in one area or another.

By the 9th Sagittarius full Moon. Saturn will influence this energy bringing careful thoughts. The Moon here wants to reach out  with confidence and wisdom to spread her wings like a butterfly to feel free.   There is also an energy that is likely to come through today that has caused us unease a feel of being uncomfortable in our own skins and today will expose this energy.  This energy is strong, grounded and far reaching as well as expansive know that if you have been working hard to achieve something this energy will enable you to see the right people maybe in high place’s to make a result

The 14th June An easy day while energy flow with your heart and soul, an Aquarius Moon all communications should work out well meeting with the right people and connections. A feel of freedom accompanies today.

The 19th again energy flows well, everything is smooth and wonderful connections either by phone, letter, fax, whatever flows, so easy no problems. Feel the source of life working from our heart and soul today feelings  are so right yet something is going to happen today that is not expected just go with the flow  – should be entertaining.

By the 21st June Crescent Moon we have a Cancer Moon so naturally easy to go within Pluto is connected strongly so if we are hoping for a transformation the energies are certainly helping here.   The Cancer Moon is within, while Pluto leaves everything upturned watch out for a small revolution.

The dark of the moon again a Cancer Moon trines Jupiter so were talking expansion, wisdom and creating a life worth living while we have Uranus creating waves. Note where they come from and energies present you will find you can create, the changes necessary for the forth coming Cancer Moon to reconnect with the God/dess within.


Taurus taurusmoon2017Moon 26th April 2017 Time 12h 16m

This Moon begins with a sizzle, although it’s a Taurus Moon and basically this is a sign that needs time to make sure all is wonderful within and around us.  So this Taurus Moon is a bit of a contradiction really everything feels up in the air.  Mercury contacts Uranus the planet of un-predictability Venus is close and the ruling planet of Taurus so is potent.  So we have these 5 planets all in a row while the new Moon is potent and strong trying to keep grounded.

What this means is that news is going to be big time in our personal lives and also global, through the internet, news all over the world, effecting us all in different ways this is news that some to us, as things cannot go on any longer the way life is now, “such an unfair way of living”

The 27th April I feel is the day when the news that I write about will hit fan.  However we do have a saving grace and that is Saturn is playing a pivotal role together with Jupiter to harness this energy to create a foundation that will enable us to create a stable environment for these energies, its different that’s all.

The new Moon begins quite tense as we feel the energies around us, at present we cannot resonate with them.

By the 27th April news is everywhere, like crackling fire don’t know what it is but I feel it’s something global that will affect us all.

By the 28th the Moon links to Mars and could cause some rising emotions think good things as events circumstances rise to the surface as they may will be some confusion.

30th April offers much more relaxed energies where the flow is far easier coupled with Venus may be wanting to communicate and put our point a across, it’s an idea to give yourselves a chance and allow energies to resonate.

3rd May the energy is now much clearer, we can see much that has been going on, and information is coming through, the energy is much more fluent and less taxing.  And there’s a good hand at work forming and processing information coming though professionally.

By the 10th May a Scorpio full Moon opposes the Sun.   Good link to Neptune and Pluto, we are beginning to understand feelings of idealism and what all this means for us individually,  note  what’s going on in our own lives how we can now manifest so much more and change things around without any opposition life should be flowing well.

The 16th and Capricorn Moon energies are definitely grounded, a practical approach and flowing well.  There is much to talk about and changes are definitely around for each of us to make the most out of our lives I believe this month will do that for us all, everything is in the flux of change

The 21st May energies are flowing well although may be of a serious note.

23rd May The Crescent Moon. Unpredictable and yet stable kind of shaking off the things we no longer need and its easy. We can do a lot with this energy, a day to accomplish much with new ideas-inspiration it’s all happening.

24th May The dark of the Moon connections with Mercury, Neptune and Pluto so we are being stripped of all we no longer need or hinders us.  Pluto will take care of that while Neptune is completely innocent and will comply as she has no choice, however you do have choice note what is going on in your life. It’s a chance to come clean and release any burdens you may have, whatever comes up will be channelled well and structured for the coming new Moon is in Gemini.

ariesmoon17Aries Moon  28th March  17 h 02 m 57 s

This Moon cycle is about change, we created these changes last Moon, when we were bombarded by so many energies, things we had to do, these are now being implemented.

This Moon begins with negotiations- talks- connections, or contacts, these are different from the usual ideas so although they are thoughts and feeling you wouldn’t normally have considered before, you will feel that these are totally viable, and perhaps looks like another way of channelling ones energy to the highest good.

They are all tempered with wisdom and the energy of the new age that we feel are imminent and justified in today’s climate of creating justice for we-the-people.

So lots of radical changes and now we have the mind set to use these energies that are really different, and will take us on our journey. Same journey, different track and faster, this energy will last a number of months. Professionals are involved each of us according to what we are doing.

The new Moon begins with negotiations, there’s a strong link with professionals perhaps solicitors lawyers or someone that give’s advice or guidance these should reveal where many points of interest can be more understood and changes made  if necessary.

By the 29th March nothing moves to plan so don’t try, go with the flow.   The day is full of speculation and abrupt changes no idea of why or what?  There are big changes this Moon so perhaps this is the beginning, its influence will definitely be felt.

As we come to the Crescent Moon energy is much clearer, action and direction is straight forward, feelings of idealism. Dreams coming to the surface to manifest as we each wish. So the beginning of the Moon looks positive although not all is as clear as we would wish, so the best we can do is to ensure our negotiations go well and then go with the flow to see profound changes on the 30th March.

We need to trust in ourselves on the 1st of April.

Go with the flow on the 5th April everything is moving fast, correspondences, connections go well as we see everything in the fullness of what is.   Nothing is hidden, changes are easy, communications, contacts. All of these change the status quo in harmonious ways.

By the 7th April the energy is much easier and it’s all about progressing. Dreams are being fulfilled and we emerge different changed in some way the way we feel about ourselves seems to change and brings in a different mind-set for us.

The full Moon all is clear details are just right we know where we are heading we know we have made significant changes and will pave the way for the near future. Many changes, this is in connection with our initial structure in life it will give us roots to rely on as well as the confidence to see things through.

The 17th April is positive and we are getting used to these energies however the energy is intense strong and  positive  so anything you are feeling will hold you in good stead. Good connections with how you feel, a more conscious way of feeling.

By the 20th April it is time to pause for thought. The Moon is at its last quarter and so is taking serous review of what has happened, with the changes taking place all is well.

By the 25th a crescent Moon links with our friend Saturn and he makes sure we have all the information we need to make a transition should you need too, it’s everything you need in a positive frame that works to make life the way you wish.



piscese moon jpeg

Pisces 26th Feb 2017 Time 14 hours 58 mins

Annual eclipse

A Major Moon and prepares us for the spring equinox.   This Moon is powerful and challenging, that is going to cause a shake up and will help us all to step into our power.

There are two contrasting influences here, one is information coming through that we were not aware of, and will try our patience, and we will be tested to the limit, that’s for sure.

Take extra care, while travelling, confrontations sharp objects around the New Moon as it’s quite potent, and the 15th March that is the culmination of these energies.

These energies are:-

Sun/Moon/Mercury/Neptune all closely connected in Pisces

Mars close to Uranus in Aries – so it’s a biggie, strong emotions are involved this feels to me like a final shift feels like some sort of conflict. Keep calm and use patience and heart felt energies.

This is a time  where we each know we cannot rely on anyone apart from ourselves,  so standing in our power,  our emotions are vital in this vastness of  Pisces and the lunar eclipse  points to releasing the last remains of anything at all that holds us back, these energies are doing just that!

One of these energies is major shift that affects us emotionally and likely to change or create something wonderful within ourselves, clearing away confusion and seeing life the way it is.  Therefore knowing we are each able to create our reality, to walk our truth, and clearly break away from any limiting influences

There may well be some challenges especially at the beginning of this Moon when we are likely to hear something that was once hidden, information we certainly wasn’t aware of so therefore breaking away and shedding anything  that limits us.

The other is  a challenging influence that is not in agreement with us.  So may  try to limit us or disrupt us in some way, or  form another perspective maybe to  become more aware of limiting energies around us.   Also  watch to see  what is happening  on a  global scale that  creates  change that’s likely to  reverberate in our lives. We need to be aware of what’s going on and  be flexible  to see, and feel what’s right for each of us, and not another’s point of view.

As we move on the 3rd March is a time of opportunity since changes have now taken place, one is expansion where we feel  good with all that is around us makes us feel confident and strong, many wonderful feelings.  Helping us also to expand in a way that brings us purpose and fulfilment.   Getting all in order to making use of these changes that were so upsetting and yet paved the way for the new.  This energy will also be effective in September there will be a feel to it during the preceding months.

12th March The Full Moon Is very much in reforming. Getting all to where we feel  good with all that is around us makes us feel confident and strong. Many wonderful feelings helping us also to expand in a way that brings us direction  and  now that all has culminated may feel like a mini revolutionary changes.

All is evident and yet still more to come the 13th March is about news, connecting, talking about feelings.  If there is any emotional uncertainty these should clear up by the late evening the 14th   connects to  professionals  while the 15th is unpredictable so all is happening –  we are in the big change.

The Sun enters Aries on the 20th March and the spring equinox and the energy completely changes. Forward and more direct.  The energies of Pisces served us well we needed the turbulence in a way to feel the new and here it is. Wonderful big changes are upon and within is.

The dark of the Moon is the 26th March where Mars/ Neptune and Pluto are involved. The reality of this is the awareness of ourselves,  we all have so much to offer we simply need to go within while these energies are involved and note  what we feel to be right for us.

Val 14th Feb


Phases of the Moon

Aquarius New Moon 28th Jan 28jan172017 Time 00h 07m


This Moon begins with hope, and a breath of fresh air. These are monumental changes and fast, so we need to be flexible.

The energy is strong and powerful right from the beginning, and this Moon is still feeling the effect of last Moon’s energy of a powerful Mars/Moon. So take this all into consideration it’s a real powerful moon.

The 30th January is a major upheaval within our personal or working life. This may correspond to finances, maybe lucky. Powerful meeting are very likely, that will help pave the way with what we each want for ourselves.

Its difference for everyone each of has a purpose and this energy will set the ground work for each of us.

From the 8/9/11/12 of Feb are monumental energy in one way or another,

  • 8th A Cancer Moon/Mercury indicate  we are regaining our power and becoming far more knowledgeable. So much information coming through now.
  • 9th  Mercury / Moon may indicate more information coming up. Almost an awakening of knowledge this may connect to the earlier 30th January to do with passion the truth coming through.
  • 11th Still a Leo Moon watch out for 2-ish GMT when information is more detailed and more telling.  Also full Moon so the culmination of the new Moon. Take into account the Mercury conjunct Pluto and the effects. Its showing up in today’s full Moon.  Massive changes, disruptive to be sure but wow! It sweeps the past behind and release us into a new setting.
  • 12th Virgo Moon lots of information coming through almost on a daily basis however this is Neptune at work may also need to read between the lines. Also Info coming to light that you wasn’t aware of until  now, and  open our eyes to so many possibilities don’t let the  changes  upset you keep  positive and flexible – all will be well.
  • The dark of the Moon is on the 23rd also many good aspects that we can use during this down time although there’s still a lot of energy need to get into the fresh air for this and breathe in the newness.

It’s all happening this is what we have been waiting for.

The next new moon on the 26th February. The annual eclipse of the Sun will bring a new tone in the energy already present. This Moon is certainly taking us where we want to go.