Mother and Daughter

In Service to the Light at these Great and Changing Times

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Vassoulla (Val) Georgiou

Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner & Healer

Vassoulla Georgiou is an experienced astrologer, tarot reader and healer.

Coming from a large, wonderful and sometimes crazy Greek family gave the first understandings of the psyche of the individual and its uniqueness.

Val discovered astrology in 1989.  This was the beginning and a reconnection to her esoteric path working as an astrologer.

The 90’s created a radical change due to illness.  With the focus then on nutrition and health Vassoulla approach to her work became focused on the inner knowledge of the Moon.

As guide and wise woman of the Moon, Val is able to touch the heart of what is.    Val’s Moon guide for 2018 is a comprehensive guide to work with and make the most of each and every lunar cycle.

Vassoulla has written Journey of the Soul to assist others in knowing themselves.  To see and understand their potential and create life which bring soul contentment.

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Maria Fisk

Tarot Reader, Dream Interpreter & Maker