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Another intense Moon - Libra ~

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Understand and work with the Phases of the Moon which gives you information on the current phase., written by Vassoulla, spiritual astrologer, healer and founder member of Astro Awareness.

You can have your personal horoscope by Vassoulla. Or order your natal chart wheel which gives you key information: your sun sign, moon sign and planet placements.

Read about the stories that relate to your star sign and the constellations in our Myths section.

chakra pendant, power braclets, scarabs, ankhs, crystal earrings, semi precious necklaces, tarot cards, angel cardsWe offer a selection of  Tarot and Astro Readings

We have a section dedicated to Dreams. Find out more about the importance of dreams, and keeping a journal.

We have a signs & symbols dictionary to help decipher your own dreams! discover the meaning of dragons, crystals and flowers.

Discover the magic of crystals: their natural healing energies and how they can enhance your life.  

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