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23rd Dec 2014 16 hours 34

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Taurus 6 May 19 hours 29 minutes

This Moon feels so good it begins with real positive structure, complete with detail and direction.   The planets involved are Pluto and Jupiter,   with this Taurus new Moon, so it looks like things/events are beginning to form a real foundation we can count on.  

Pluto is never easy, and yet she has been at it like for ever and now finds that the energies are at last beginning to reflect her wishes, changes my friends, these are fundamental changes taking  place now that will  have a far reaching effect for us all.  Venus is also involved through Taurus being ruled by Venus, so we are talking about harmony, peace, balance, sharing and being at one with one another, this is all reflected in this new Moon.         

As we move to the 8th May there maybe opposition to the news or insight we gained with yesterday’s new Moon.  If there is something we each need to do, or accomplish and we find that there is opposition my advice is leave it for now as anything to do with authority is not about to give way.   For now abide your time, as there is something that isn’t quite clear; so best be sure, that all the facts are the way they are.  

Again the 10th May is similar as you have to be really sure everything is right and clear to move forward otherwise there may have to be a reshuffle, and maybe have to begin again, however if you really listen to what you actually need to do, to get what you want with negotiations, all can be well.   So although the beginning of the cycle looks really good and will influence the rest of the Moon, it doesn’t mean everyone is going to like being harmonious so therefore be careful and clear take your time in all that you do, try not to leave anything to chance, so your way ahead is clear.

By the 13th May events take a turn for the better there maybe something that needs your attention, so it’s not so straight forward, and yet once you get it right it’s going to be ok. Lots of communications, contacts with authority figures flow well and reach conclusions although there may be adjustments to be met yet once it’s right all is easy.   

By the 15th May there’s excitement in the air lots going on friends associates adjusting so much taking place such a fast day yet there is something there still needs to be clear, take your time and let these energies resonate.

The 18th May is full of surprises so don’t make plans.

The full Moon 21st May    There is a great deal of accumulated energy here everything feels so open, lots of good will, wanting to help, to give, to share, to know all is well for all. Mars/Venus conjunction in Sagittarius also active, smooths, calms and brings her harmony, while Mars play a pivotal role in direction here, directed by Jupiter and Jupiter leaves no stone unturned,   we need to be sure our path is clear.

However for now we can see all for what it is,   we now have far more structure in our lives and negotiations with the right connections are still on going.   The energy is vibrant almost a yearning to finish complete something of importance, some of this will be achieved, it depends on long and short term goals.   Mars is retrograde, and strong, and has much to do - and this will be accomplished early august 2016, Venus supports and guides as well as Jupiter.

On a more personal note check out your plans Mars feels he wants to get right on in and sort all out but needs time. Therefore if there is something you wish to accomplish, it could be professional as Jupiter has much to do with the legal system, may also be universal studies, university degrees or medicine we need to cultivate a little patience but much is happening at the moment.

However as we move on to just one day the 22nd may we need to go inwards and resonate, this has been fast not all was as clear cut as we would like.   Today you can get thought the illusions and come to our own heart conclusions, so rely on yourself and make the most of your day.

By the 27th May all is well and clear maybe in a serious mode but for a purpose all is well and harmonious especially if you need a stamp of approval.   

By the 29th May the Moon connects to Neptune and is here where a lot of our uncertainty has affected us.  However the Moon links to Jupiter who will decipher all, while Saturn is taking everything in; ensuring all is secure.

The 1st June again there are surprises is store today and this is because something has come to the surface that wasn’t apparent before,  this surprise or upturn of events concludes the new Moon energy.  

The 2nd June the Moon connects to Neptune and will give you the time to resonate with our inner energies and let our mind just flow, if there has been any discrepancies then this energy should enable us to see life in a different perspective

3rd June The dark of the Moon Mercury opposite Mars trines Jupiter trines Pluto there is a great deal of energy going into this dark of the Moon and is for a purpose, as we are able to  get to the inner you, connecting in a really powerful way since Pluto is involved with the Moon as well as seeing the bigger picture via Jupiter.  

An amazing Moon wait for next month.     

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Saturn enters Sagittarius  23rd Dec 2014 16 hours 34

The entry of Saturn into Sagittarius begins on a sober note especially January, as there is so much activity in Capricorn, emphasising the work that still needs to be done  before we settle into  a more constructive way of  life, and choices already made.

The wings of Sagittarius may feel clipped, for a time  until we can get used to this new energy,  We may feel an energy of conflict within to begin with as  Saturn need to know that all is well  in our foundation, if  it isn't  we will simply know what needs to be done  Simply focus in a practical way and give yourselves a chance  

Much  was done while Saturn was in Scorpio demanding much from ourselves, there were plenty of twists and turns as well as releasing that which no longer serves, so we may move forward once more.

Now we need to manifest, get life on an even keel, and also take in quiet times to reflect, and as we do this; we may  note some areas that still need  our attention, as well as areas in life that we almost haven't taken the time to view or analyse, is there now,  "we  have all before us".

Saturn does have its plus side, and that is all will be in order, we know where we are heading, more in line with what will assist us, so all in all it is  really quite good as energy wont be squandered and yet it’s a serious time too as we will be much more structured.

While Saturn has entered Sagittarius, we will be given the wonderful energy of time, we will find that the period of January to March will be forward moving.  The only challenge maybe with legalities if there are any concerns. these may be held up but know that no stone is left  unturned, so it gives one the chance to go over things until everything is right.   

Saturn moves retrograde on the 15th March, so you may find yourself checking over a few things, this period gives you the chance to take your time and ensure all is well in your  direction and choices. 

Meanwhile 15th June due to retrograde motion  Saturn moves back into Scorpio to release any unfinished business,  until the 17th September so don't be knocked back with this, all will be well.

This is the last hurdle everything now is in readiness. If we have made kept to our choices and path steadily there should be results and opportunities open for us. Although as I said earlier you will need to keep at it but all will be rewarded now! It’s ABSOLULTLY happening this is truly an amazing, perhaps challenging time. To steadily focus to receive results in manifesting dreams of a life time this is it! 

So basically its positive,  take into consideration that  the next sign Saturn moves into is his own in Capricorn and home, his structure is great, his pathways unhindered,  its going to be a WOW.

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